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Welcome to the Risk-Aware Consensual Kink Wiki!

The Risk-Aware Consensual Kink Wiki (RACKWiki) was created to help address the serious and recurring problem of accidental injury or death during sexual activity involving certain high-risk kinks. Many educational resources and organizations within the kink community avoid discussing certain topics at all, or take an "abstinence-only" position out of liability concerns. We believe this approach is out of touch with reality and costs lives.

Just as abstinence-only education is ineffective in preventing sexual activity or drug use, we accept that some people have a near-irresistible desire to explore high-risk kinks. It is our belief that the kink community has a responsibility to provide high-quality, detailed educational resources with a harm reduction-based philosophy. High-risk topics should be openly discussed to allow people to make fully informed risk assessments and develop risk mitigation strategies should they choose to engage in a risky behavior. We also believe that education about high-risk kinks can be provided without endorsing or encouraging high-risk behavior.

The structure, content, and policies are actively being developed. Feel free to invite trusted friends who are interested in contributing to register an account. Check out our author guide for more information on how to get started.

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