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A vac bed is a bondage device designed to immobilize a user by using negative pressure to create a constriction between two layers of material, typically latex or plastic. While the name refers to the most common design of a large horizontal surface, other construction methods also exist, such as vac cubes and vac towers.





As a bondage device, a vac bed has the usual risks of immobilization further detailed in the article bondage. In addition:

  • Negative pressure may cause damage to the ears, causing a rupture of the ear drum.
  • Using loud machinery to generate negative pressure may make it difficult to notice signals of distress.
  • Many vac bed designs incorporate a small opening for breathing, which may become obstructed.
  • Consumer-grade vacuum cleaners are usually designed to cool themselves with airflow. Using them to operate a vac bed may cause overheating and malfunctions.

Self-play scenes with vac beds typically involve either using a timer to control the vacuum, or operating the switch from inside the vac bed. Airway blockage or neck constriction may cause rapid loss of consciousness, progressing to death unless immediately reacted to. Self-play in vac beds has resulted in fatalities.

Risk mitigation

The risk of damage to the ears can be reduced by using wax or silicone ear plugs and/or an airtight hood, such as a latex hood, inside the vac bed. Instructing the sub to use the Valsalva or the Frenzel method to equalize pressure inside the ear may be useful.

To prevent damage to machinery, a pump designed for vacuum generation should be used. Medical-grade pumps are usually quiet and reliable.

Vac beds designs that do not enclose the head make it easier to manage breathing and notice signals of distress.

In a self-play scene, using a well-designed fail-safe switch, that requires constant effort to operate, and does not have a capability to stay in a dangerous position regardless of its position or the pressure of the bed, may mitigate some risks.

Known incidents

  • 2012 - Matt (also known as Mad_Scientist) died in a vac bed self-play scene. The cause of death was a vasovagal response caused by the pressure exerted by the neck seal of the vac bed on his neck[1].


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