From RACKWiki

Hello! We are RACKWiki (the Risk-Aware Consensual Kink Wiki), a volunteer-run knowledge repository that provides honest and detailed risk assessment and mitigation strategies for activities in or adjacent to kink. Our site exists based upon 4 foundational beliefs:

  1. Unknowably many people die or suffer injuries in accidents related to risky kinky behavior. Most outreach to treat this epidemic lacks nuance and advocates solely for abstinence. Some will be strongly drawn to risky behavior no matter how strictly it is forbidden.
  2. Abstinence-only messaging is ineffective at preventing people from practicing risky kinks, just like it doesn’t prevent teenagers from having sex or drug users from doing drugs.
  3. Harm reduction programs work better. There are many successful harm reduction programs (needle exchanges, opioid substitution, safe injection sites, naloxone distribution, etc.) which have extensive evidence supporting their role in improved public health outcomes.
  4. We must learn from accidents. High-risk industries with good safety records gather information about accidents and release reports to adapt standards and avoid similar accidents in the future. We believe the kink community must do the same.

RACKWiki’s policies derive from those beliefs, which lead to several unique approaches which we hope will improve risk education and save lives within the kink community.

  • RACKWiki emphasizes harm reduction in its content. It is inevitable that some kinksters will engage in risky behavior, so we wish for them to be informed with an understanding of the specific health and legal risks, and options to mitigate them.
  • RACKWiki does not endorse risky behavior. We do not want more people to engage in high-risk kinks, we want those that already do to have access to accurate and thorough knowledge which could save their life. We want fewer injuries. We want fewer of our friends to die.
  • RACKWiki publishes incident reports. Many who have died from kink were experienced, thought they knew what they were doing, but were unaware of, forgot, or dismissed a critical safety step that led to their death. RACKWiki will collect reports of kink-related accidents, follow-up when possible, and produce a de-identified and curated final report with risk analysis and potential mitigation strategies. Unlike most of RACKWiki, these reports will not be publicly editable and will strictly adhere to our content and privacy policies. The conclusions of reports may be referenced in relevant RACKWiki articles.

Too many in our community have been hurt from lack of knowledge. We must change our culture to talk about risk in a nuanced and specific way, and emphasize harm reduction over abstinence.

Share your experiences and wisdom, honor the memory of those we lost, and help save those who we may still lose. If you agree with our mission, please join us.