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Mental Health Resources

Mental health issues are missing a s a broad topic. I recently have been facing my own dire need to address my behavior patterns as they mirror other documented patterns that resulted in death. I have been trying to find help, and coming up short handed. Mostly this I feel is because many people do not understand this fairly undocumented area of kink. Most conventiuonal resources like therapists have been focusing on the symptoms , not the cause. that the cause is really the inability to satisfy a desire thatr cannot be trained out, there are numerous hazardous paths to alternative headspaces to the actual soiught space. Many of them involve substances, or apparatus that are imediately dangerous to life or health. Substance or aparatus that is dangerous are the low hanging fruit, the easier to achieve means to an alternative headspace, ans ome lead to addiction in and of themselves. The 3 healthcare professionals I have turned to in recent 2 days haver all focused initially on the substance abuse that comes from replacing a head space. I am seeking a replacement for the head space that is not as dangerous. I feel that there is a need for resources such as alternative activities to achieve head spaces that can be done alone, and do not involve substances. I also want to find possible online resources that are alternatives that might involve erotic role play, or anything to replace the sexually charged acts that should not be done alone, and replace the need to find another consenting adult where none are availeble. ScoutFox (talk) 19:59, 7 February 2024 (PST)Reply[reply]

I totally agree. We should have content addressing the mental health side as well. The project is just starting out, but hopefully we'll be able to address this issue as well. Trikoot (talk) 15:10, 8 February 2024 (PST)Reply[reply]