Content policy

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Do not endorse or encourage any risky behavior

While articles may classify different activities based on their relative risk compared to each other, no activity is risk-free. RACKWiki is not in a position to endorse or encourage any activity.

Legality of activities and substances vary by jurisdiction

RACKWiki does not give legal advice. However, articles may neutrally describe relevant law, precedent, and court cases if they closely involve an activity or topic in kink.

Do not describe activity as "low-risk"

The actual risk of any scene is a sum of its activities, circumstances, and the skill of the people involved. Even trivial things may turn dangerous in an instant. Use neutral facts to describe risks typically involved, and let the reader draw their own conclusions.

No pornography

RACKWiki is not a repository for pornography. Illustrations and photographs are allowed when they help to explain the subject matter. Diagrams and photographs depicting nudity will be judged on a case-by-case basis by RACKWiki staff.

Cite references whenever possible

All articles should cite references when possible. Use high quality, respected references (National Institutes of Health, Mayo Clinic, etc) when they are available. See the style guide for more information.

When information is controversial, the article may summarize other perspectives

RACKWiki follows the scientific point of view, and factual information is based on evidence and respected scientific sources. When controversy or disputes arise, extensive discussion on the topic should take place on the article's discussion page. RACKWiki staff may prevent editing for especially controversial topics when excessive edits by opposing views are deemed no longer productive.

If there are significant opposing perspectives or views, an article should summarize and address those.

Do not provide information about acquiring illegal substances

While the exact legality of many substances and supplies vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, any instructional content should only address substances and supplies that are generally considered legally uncontroversial.